A Growing Collaboration Of Creative Minds

Creative Learning 4 Life Projects

are a growing collaboration of creative minds bringing you exciting events for adults and children, 

worshops, creative writing, inspiring ideas and more….


It’s not enough to speak only from the intellect.

When we also speak from the heart, touch the emotions, expand awareness, activate the imagination, awaken intuition, engage the whole body, empower the will and connect to our higher self (essence, spirit, super-conscious mind), we connect in a far more profound and powerful way.


This is how we have a life-changing effect on each other and our world.

Through courageously participating in our own personal creative expressions, we have grappled with life, grew, healed, taught and facilitated others to explore some of the exciting discoveries we have made. Here creativity (and its specific outflow into integrative expressive arts therapy and holistic healing modalities) is celebrated and shared as an innate remedy, organic support in living 

richer lives, for all people we come in contact with.


You are invited to join the flow…

Holistic & Creative Approach

adults, teenagers and children, individual and group sessions
To support our holistic approach and multi-disciplinary practice, we draw on both traditional creative psychotherapeutic techniques and on the unique and often powerful contributions of body-work, music and movement, mindfulness, visualisation and breathing.
We work with adults, teenagers and children on an individual, in-depth therapeutic level and also offer expressive arts therapy, TRE (trauma release exercises) and Non-violent communication (NVC) in group contexts – based on the latest psycho-social developments.
We have also specialized in short-short term therapy, making a difference one session at a time.

The Creative Team

Eleen Polson

counselling psychologist

Eleen Polson
072 212 1719

Sonia De Wit

TRE facilitator/artist

Sonia de Wit
082 217 8322

Purchases can be made through e-mail so contact us if you are interested

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