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I am Eleen Polson

I journey through life, looking for joyful and meaningful connections. Through increased awareness of my body, my mind and the delicate processes unfolding, I cultivate the connection with myself, with others, with music and art, with places, with trees, with the elements.

For the official record, I am a qualified counselling psychologist with a specialisation in expressive arts therapy and trauma release.

I have a private practice in the leafy suburb of Clydesdale, Pretoria and it is deeply meaningful to journey with people (adults and children) to discover more freedom and release through expressive arts and body psychotherapy.

I also love working with groups – expressive arts therapy groups, TRE (trauma release exercise) or Non-violent communication groups. The use of music, movement, and creative expression is central to all the endeavours. Not only professionally, but personally I find that the body and movement hold the key to much learning, release and re-energizing.

I am Sonia De Wit

As I sit in my quiet space, just me and my breath, a blank page in front of me, I forget all the things I do. I find the of the page and start drawing circular patterns.

I give myself permission to really linger where I feel most vulnerable, accepting my imperfections, my inadequacies, and my fears, I connect with the parts I do not allow myself to show to the world. I embrace my courage and bravery, not holding back expressing what comes from the inside, I do not worry about the expectations of the outcome.

Only when the pattern unfolds on the page, can I express who I really am.I am a photographer, I am a TRE facilitator, I am a mandala artist. I do lot’s of creative projects; I do workshops; I love interacting with people… love coffee… love the smell of a newborn baby and many more things.I am on a journey of birthing many more little projects; creating wonderful and beautiful connections between people.

I allow myself the freedom to express and connect.

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