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Welcome to my studio. I am Eleen Polson, a psychologist and Expressive arts therapist and I would like to share with you the bliss of the creative process. In this short video, part 1, we will have a look at ‘What creativity Is’, and ‘What it is not’. I will end with a short practical creative exercise for you to experience the magic for yourself. First debunk the myth that only some people are creative…. Only the full-time artist or performers who has honed their skill to perfection and can entertain us with their final, well rehearsed shows or beautifully executed art works, are seen as “creatives”. What you see in galleries and on stage is the polished-end products of creative processes; skills mastered over time. Far up-stream from what you see as art in the commercial society was a SPARK of creativity: and everyone has that creativity, YOU have that spark. We look at research and then invite you to experience the flow by using your imagination to remember your childhood play. Music credits: Summer in December by The swan and the Lake… Blue moon rising by Jessica Rumisher

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