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Now that we understand Creativity as an energy – a pulsation where anything is created out of nothing (Part 1)… and we have tools to overcome our Creative Blocks (Part 2) we are ready to move into the flow with ease. Here I will share with you WHY and HOW to get Moving – with a simple technique based on Biodanza, 5-Rhythms and Qigong. For more on the innate wisdom of the body: 1) Bessel van der Kolk: The Body keeps the score: (…) 2) Peter Levine: In an unspoken voice. How the body releases trauma and restores goodness. (…) 3) David Berceli and TRE (trauma release exercises): The international website: as well as the South African website: has many informative videos. Music credits: Moon walking by Bjarno:… Dalholt & Langkilde – Disco Disco (feat. Demise Ducha) – 0104 (…)

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