Reflecting back

Concentrating on self development and intentions for self in 2020, we did intention setting for personal development and what the plan and goal is to move in the right direction. Changes some belief systems around negative beliefs of self. Loving the outcome and seeing the change of energy levels around the intentions and self reflection.

Vision Boarding fun for 2020 vision and intention

Quite afternoon, self reflection meditation and journaling combined with art. A space where everybody just relaxed and was in a safe space to express their emotions and had time to journal and have some time for art fun in-between.

Meditation and connecting with self workshop

Using all our senses and emotions and being creative around it. Decision making and project completing skills. DIY skills in using all kinds of tools like glue guns and teaching them not to be scared about it but learn the safety aspect of using it themselves. 

December 2019 creative children's fun workshops

Holistic and art workshops

Music dance writing, clay work, growing your deep inner resources. 

Creative Children's Workshops

Worshops are designed to work on body mind and soul, all included quiet time, lists of movement and creative time for them to explore their creative abilities and move with the music and their own little rhythm.

Mandala workshops

Teaching people the basic skills to draw their own mandala.

Each person draws his own patterns and finds his/her own colours to work with.

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