Sensory Play Workshop - Messy Fun

Meditation Art Journaling Afternoon Workshop

Robot Making Workshop

Christmas Recycling and Snow making Workshop

TRE Group Afternoon Workshop

Vision Board Afternoon Workshop

Therapeutic Mandala Drawing and Painting Process

Children TRE Sessions

Group and individual sessions, helping children to cope with daily school and stress, and also helping them to learn to breathe and stay grounded.

TRE and Breathing Buddies

Breathing buddies assist in the TRE process of children, teaching and helping them to do diaphragm breathing, grounding tool and also some safety and comfort in the process, lots and lots of cuddles.

Tomatis and Process Art with a 3 year old

78 Hours with this little boy, we did art, moved, washed, clay, pens, balls, taking things apart, chalk and sensory sand, what an awesome time keeping him busy through the process.

Meraki Wooden Robot Making

Group and individual sessions, children and adults can come and create their own little wooden robot.

Creative Childrens Worskshops

Workshops consists of fitness drumming, art, paint, bubbles, fruit, creative movement, senses and a lot more fun and games.

Mandala Drawing Workshop

Creative mandala drawing workshops, teaching people how to draw their own mandala from the start.

Vision Board Workshop

Warrior gap year students did their first vision board workshop as part of their program for the year.

Eleen Polson had the opportunity to present some ideas on the therapeutic aspects of clay to the participants of the 9th ISCAEE conference in Korea, in June 2019 and found that the topic resonated deeply with the audience. She gladly shares the lecture on the blog page.

Therapeutic Clay Work

Expressive arts therapy retreat & workshops

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